Academic & Recruiting Calendar

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2020-2021 Overview

First Day of Fall Classes  Wed, September 2

Networking & Information Sessions, Full-Time & Intern1 

Wed, Sept. 2 - Wed, Sept. 30

Finance & FinTech Networking Night, Full-Time & Intern

Wed, September 2

Business & Technology Fall Career Fair, Full-Time & Intern

Fri, September 4

First Fall Campus Interview Application Deadline, Full-Time & Intern 

Tues, September 8

Consulting Networking Night, Full-Time & Intern

Fri, September 11

Fall Campus Interviews, Full-Time & Intern 

Mon, Sept. 14 - Thurs, Oct. 29

Diversity Opportunities Fair, Full-Time & Intern

Fri, September 25

Data Analytics & Technology Fair, Full-Time & Intern

Fri, October 9

Media, Marketing, & Creative Careers Expo, Full-Time & Intern Thurs, October 15

Campus Interviews Offer Decision Deadline, Full-time & Intern

Thurs, November 5

Thanksgiving Recess 

Wed, Nov. 25 - Sun, Nov. 29

Fall Reading Period*                                           

Fri, Dec. 4 - Wed, Dec. 9

Fall Examinations*                                       

Thurs, Dec. 10 - Sat, Dec. 19

Winter Break            

Sun, Dec. 20 - Sun, Jan. 24

First Day of Spring Classes

Mon, January 25

First Spring Campus Interview Deadline, Full-Time & Intern

Wed, February 3

Spring Campus Interviews, Full-Time & Intern

Wed, Feb. 9 - Wed, Feb. 18

Spring Break

Sat, Mar. 13 - Sun, Mar. 21

Spring Reading Period*                                            

Thurs, April 29 - Wed, May 5

Spring Examinations*                                     

Thurs, May 6 - Sat, May 15


Thurs, May 27

1Only one information session per employer is permitted during the Fall Networking and Information Session Period
*NO recruiting activities (educational sessions, information sessions, and interviews, including off-campus interviews) may take place during Harvard's Reading and Exam Periods.

Fall Interview and Deadline Dates

Interview Period
Student Application Deadline
Employer Preselect Deadline
Employer Interview Date
Full-Time & Intern  Tuesday 9/8 @11:59pm Tuesday 9/10 @ 3:00pm Monday 9/14 - Thursday 9/17
Thursday 9/10 @ 11:59pm Tuesday 9/15 @ 3:00pm Monday 9/21 - Thursday 9/24
Wednesday 9/16 @ 11:59pm Tuesday 9/22 @ 3:00pm Tuesday 9/29 - Thursday 10/1
Wednesday 9/23 @ 11:59pm Tuesday 10/29 @ 3:00pm Monday 10/5 - Thursday 10/8
Wednesday 9/30 @ 11:59pm Tuesday 10/6 @ 3:00pm Monday 10/13 - Thursday 10/15
Wednesday 10/7 @ 11:59pm Tuesday 10/13 @ 3:00pm Monday 10/20 - Thursday 10/22
Wednesday 10/14 @ 11:59pm Tuesday 10/20 @ 3:00pm Monday 10/27- Thursday 10/29

Spring Interview and Deadline Dates

Interview Period
Student Application Deadline
Employer Preselect Deadline
Employer Interview Date
Full-Time & Intern  Wednesday 2/3 @ 11:59pm Friday 2/5 @ 3:00pm Tuesday 2/9 - Wednesday 2/10
Wednesday 2/3 @ 11:59pm Friday 2/9 @ 3:00pm Wednesday 2/17 - Thursday 2/18



Related Policies

Fee Structure & Payment Policy

A. Events
  • $500 promotional fee per semester for recruiting events, including networking and information sessions
    • $250 additional fee for OCS provided virtual meeting platform
    • $500 additional fee for use of OCS space
  • $250 promotional fee per date for coffee chats and office hours
    • $100 additional fee for OCS provided virtual meeting link
    • $250 additional fee for use of up to two small rooms in OCS space for campus coffee chats / office hours

B. OCS Recruiting Program

Program Fee for Virtual Participation - $300

  • Employers will be featured in office programming and highlighted to the OCS student advising team.
  • Includes one position. Positions are specially designated in Crimson Careers and advertised frequently over the recruiting program email list.
  • Includes the scheduling of one virtual interview “room” using Crimson Careers (optional)
    • OCS staff will manage interview signups, resolve interview conflicts, contact alternate candidates to fill available interview slots, and answer students’ logistical questions.
    • Employers may use their own video/virtual platform to conduct interviews or may use OCS’s video platform for an additional fee.
    • Employers who opt out of using Crimson Careers to schedule interviews will still benefit from program promotion.
  • Additions
    • $100 per additional position
    • $100 per additional “room” scheduled using Crimson Careers. Note that this does not include use of OCS’s video/virtual interview platform to conduct interviews.
    • $100 per “room” utilizing OCS’s video platform. A “virtual interview room” link will be provided to students and the interviewer(s) with instructions to use the waiting room feature to conduct multiple interviews on a given date. Additional “rooms” can be reserved for simultaneous interviews.

Program Fees for On-Campus Participation

  • $200 fee for each interview room; charged at the time of the reservation conversation.
  • $100 processing fee for each job posting; charged at the time the job posting is approved.
  • $300 fee for use of conference room; additional $300 fee minimum for use before or after scheduled interviews.
    NOTE: a
    ny request to stay past 5:15pm must be strictly related to Harvard FAS Campus Interviews, must be reserved at least 3 business days in advance, will be billed a minimum $300 fee, and is subject to availability.

C. All fees must be paid by credit card (MasterCard/Visa/AmEx).

D. Non-profit employers will not be charged promotional or OCS Recruiting Program fees.

Campus Interview Policy

A. Students must apply to your position(s) in Crimson Careers to be eligible to schedule an interview.

B. If there are students who you wish to interview who did not submit an application through our Crimson Careers system, you must make arrangements with them separately. Students who do not apply through Crimson Careers cannot be added to your OCS Recruiting Program interview schedule and are not able to interview at the OCS Interview Facility when interviews take place on campus.

Interview Cancellations

A. Events

  • Event promotion fees may be refunded, less a $50 processing fee, if the event is canceled with two weeks' notice.

B. OCS Recruiting Program

  • We are unable to refund canceled postings, reserved schedules or rooms. Please confer with your team prior to making reservations.
  • Cancellations must be processed PRIOR to the Employer Preselect Date. Late cancellations violate the integrity of the program, and employers may be denied early registration privileges.


Second Round Interview Policy

All employer partners agree to extend the following minimum considerations when arranging off-campus interviews.

A. Every effort should be made to accommodate candidates’ class and first-round interview schedules, as well as summer experience if interviews occur over the summer. Students should not be asked to take time off from a summer internship or other experience for an interview.

  • One or more alternative dates must be offered to students for second round interviews.
  • Employers may not assign students a second round interview time slot without offering options.

B. Employers must give students 72-hour notice to travel to interview. Please note for fall 2020: Recognizing the continued health and safety risks close-proximity events pose, the Harvard FAS Office of Career Services has made the decision to transition all fall campus recruiting events, career fairs, and interviews to a virtual format.