Application Deadline: Facebook Data Challenge


Friday, March 19, 2021, 11:55pm



Sophomores: Apply Here


Have you ever considered a career in data?

Facebook has a lot of data. Like 500 terabytes per day. That's big data.

Our analytics work at Facebook helps influence the growth of our business and continues to empower individuals to build community. Our Data Scientists and Data Engineers are responsible for collecting, housing and performing strategic analysis on an unprecedented amount of data to impact business decisions across our product teams, people teams, and infrastructure teams.


This virtual training program is a chance for students (current sophomores in USA, Canada, and Mexico) who think they are interested in a career in data analytics to work with and learn from Facebook's Data Engineers and Data Scientists! Applicants will submit a resume and responses to a few quick questions which will be reviewed by our team. Finalists will be invited to join our Data Challenge community that will meet for multiple events throughout the summer to learn about life within Facebook Data Analytics and develop skills required for the roles.

Available Roles:

•Data Engineering, Analytics, Intern: Take the raw data gathered from our products and organize it so Facebook can make decisions or highlight success/opportunities. Managing, organizing, and visualizing our massive amounts of data. Build new or revamp ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) data pipelines and tools, to get the data into a reportable format and platform.

•Data Scientist, Analytics, Intern: Perform large scale data analysis. Identify actionable insights, suggest recommendations and influence the direction of the business by effectively communicating results to cross functional groups. They are the voice of data and evidence to drive success in all parts of the company including product development, user engagement, growth, revenue and operations."