Big-Data and Industry Panel [Harvard Big Data Club in GSAS Event]


Thursday, April 11, 2019, 5:30pm to 7:00pm


Harvard University, Harvard Yard, Sever Hall 202, Cambridge, MA, 02138

"This panel aims to bring together researchers in the big data-related industry who has been in the local area,
and tries to learn
- how data science techniques we learned in school are used in practice
- how to build a career to get a successful industry job
and so on.

Each speaker will provide 5 minutes introduction of their work in the first half,
and we will open free discussions for the latter half.

Participants are welcome to ask any kinds of questions (major-specific / more general / career related)"

Nathan Sander (Chief Scientist, Warner Media, formerly at Harvard/ITC)
Cameron McBride (Director of Predictive Analytics,,
formerly at Harvard/ITC)
James Guillochon (Robotics Engineer and Data Scientist, Berkshire Grey,
formerly Harvard/ITC)
Ruslan Vaulin (Amazon, formerly at MIT/LIGO)
Emily Mower (Incoming Senior Data Scientist, edX, currently PhD candidate @ Harvard)

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