BOE 2022 Global Campus Recruitment Online Career Talk


Monday, October 18, 2021, 9:00pm to 10:00pm



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On behalf of BOE Technology Group, we are excited to share with you about “Online Career Fair for Graduating International Students in North America

— BOE(京东方)2022 Global Campus Recruitment Online Career Talk”.

1. Strategic Layout of BOE(京东方), know more about BOE

2. Alumni & HR talk, answer the questions you concerned

3. Introduction of opening vacancies in detail, help you to find right positions

4. What you most care about when looking for a job

5. Prize draw and surprise gifts

【Opening positions】

Show business, business support system, global marketing organization, etc.

☆ Product/Project Manager: Product Planning specialist, project management, product manager, etc.

☆ Marketing positions: Sales manager, Marketing Planning Specialist, field application engineer FAE, etc.

☆ General/Functional positions: Strategic planning, Supply chain, Branding, Finance/Legal/Personnel, data analysis/data governance, IT solutions/operation and maintenance, etc.

And Engineering/Quality, AI, R&D, Industrial Design, a total of 8 job categories, 4000+ positions."