Boston 401 Information Session


Tuesday, August 11, 2020, 4:00pm to 5:00pm



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"Boston401 is a free online program that focuses on developing leadership skills and cultural intelligence to help our emerging generation work in diverse teams and to work across divides such as race, faith, geography, generation, sector and specialism. Participants tackle a complex challenge as part of the program, which for Boston401 is 'how can we ensure Boston is a city for all?' Participants work in diverse groups to develop ideas in response to the challenge which they then share with a range of leaders from the city. Now more than ever we need to invest into our rising generation and equip them with the capability to lead the future.

Who is this intended for?

This is for individuals aged 18-25 who look to further develop their own leadership skills, while also connecting with other like-minded individuals.

When is it?

  • August 18, 1pm-2pm Welcome session
  • August 20, 2pm-5.30pm
  • August 21, 10am-1.30pm
  • August 24, 2pm-5.30pm
  • August 25, 10am-1.30pm

All sessions are on Zoom

This program will..

  • Develop ones cultural intelligence and uncover the cultural influences that make you think and act the way you do
  • Build the skills to be able to lead across divides and thrive in multiple environments with people who are different than you
  • Connect with other individuals across Boston to have conversation about cultural difference and to begin to unify our emerging generation
  • Live webinars with established leaders across Boston to receive insight and bridge the gap between generations
  • We hope to begin to have these conversations to bridge gaps and understandings within our communities to better be able to lead a diverse team or community. We want to unify and develop the next generation of culturally intelligent leaders. The time is now to begin and change the way we lead our world!

Everyone who completes the program will receive the Common Purpose Legacy Leadership Badge: a digital badge you can add to your resume. You will also become part of the 85,000+ Common Purpose Alumni around the world.