CS Disco Coffee Chats/Office Hours


Tuesday, September 14, 2021, 10:00am to 12:00pm



Juniors, Seniors, Master's Students: For details, including the RSVP and the virtual event link information, see event listing in Crimson Careers.

"We found a big problem. 

Laws affect everyone. Multinational corporations, national governments, civic organizations, small businesses, local governments, and individuals alike are directly and indirectly impacted by the law everyday.

Those who help interpret and administer those laws, however, lag behind in digitization and cloud technology adoption. This means legal outcomes are much slower, more expensive, and in some cases less reliable than we think they could be.

So we decided to hire great people.

We started DISCO by bringing together Silicon Valley-grade engineers and veteran attorneys to create legal technology solutions. And it worked: we’re creating life-changing experiences for attorneys by automating the mundane and freeing them to practice the art of the law. 

Since our foundation in 2012, we’ve scaled out our sales, services, marketing, and back office arms to become one of the fastest growing tech startups in Austin. We celebrated our IPO in July 2021. Bottomline: we know it’s the people who drove that success. And we’re just getting started. 

Please join us for discussions with DISCO leaders to learn more about who we are what your future with us could look like."

Promoted Opportunities: Internships , Full-Time Positions

Coffee chats are a great opportunity to get a cover letter/resume review, learn how to navigate the application process, and practice your interviewing skills. Please bring your resume. 

Website: http://www.csdisco.com

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