Datavant Coffee Chats/Office Hours


Tuesday, October 19, 2021, 1:00pm to 4:00pm



Juniors and Seniors: For details, including RSVP and the virtual event link information, see event listing in Crimson Careers

"Datavant is a fast-growing healthcare technology startup aiming to unlock the full potential of healthcare data. We believe that by connecting data to eliminate the silos of healthcare information that exist today, we can catalyze innovative medical research and improve patient care.  Datavant builds technology to enable the secure exchange of health data without compromising patient privacy.

We’re firm believers in growing our team members.  Don’t know our tech stack well? No problem. You’ll work alongside our engineers and enjoy mentorship and guidance from experienced leaders and learn what you need to succeed on the job. At Datavant, we believe in learning by doing, so we give you access to our code base on your first day. By the end of your first week, you will have built, fixed (and probably broken!) things in our production code. That’s not only okay; it’s expected. One of our guiding values is "give more responsibility, have fewer rules”.

Datavant is a US and Canada-based fully remote, distributed team. This allows you to work from wherever brings you the greatest joy at whatever time allows you to live the fullest life. We value community, and we do that at Datavant through in-person onboarding, frequent in-person events (both fun and work!), virtual game nights, transparent and reliable company communication, and more.

Datavant is looking for passionate and curious juniors and seniors interested in software engineering. For more information sign up for one of our coffee chats, check out our open positions or reach out to me (David) personally ( Looking forward to chatting!"

Promoted Opportunities: Internships, Full-Time Positions

Coffee chats are a great opportunity to get a cover letter/resume review, learn how to navigate the application process, and practice your interviewing skills. Please bring your resume.