Fireside Chat with Mr. Sid Choraria, CIO of SC Asia Strategy [hosted by Harvard Undergraduate Economics Association (HUEA)]


Tuesday, March 23, 2021, 8:00pm to 9:00pm



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"The Harvard Undergraduate Economics Association (HUEA) cordially invites you to attend a Fireside Chat with Mr. Sid Choraria, CIO of SC Asia Strategy. This event will discuss global value investing with a focus on Asia, current economic perspectives, advice on careers in finance and Q&A that students have for Sid.

Sid Choraria is CIO of SC Asia Strategy (SCA) and focused on identifying and investing only in exceptional businesses, that endure the test of time and risk of impermanence.


The typical SCA company is a fast-growing, high-return business, early in their growth that can grow large while defying crisis periods and economic cycles. Such companies have a customer obsessive mindset, think long-term, have a culture that is difficult to copy and with hidden pricing ability. The universe includes exceptional businesses across Asia and global businesses in the US/Europe with significant Asia revenue contribution.


In Aug 2013, Sid elicited a rare response from legendary Warren Buffett with a letter and thesis on an under-followed, 135-year-old Japanese company. The company, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical was founded in 1886 and is as old as Coca Cola and Wrigley’s chewing gum. The company’s “big fish” in a small pond philosophy, ability to create new niches due to a great culture, 40% returns on incremental capital and large reinvestment opportunities in China were overlooked due to an inefficient market. Since the letter, Kobayashi has risen 4x compounding roughly 25% and influenced Sid’s thinking of inversion and businesses that endure the test of time.


Sid has worked in Asia for 15 years and grew up in the region. Previously, he has served in investment roles in Asia, at multi-billion long-only and long-short funds. He worked at Goldman Sachs technology investment banking, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley in Hong Kong. Sid received his MBA from New York University Stern School in 2011 and was recipient of the Harvey Beker Scholarship. During his MBA, Sid worked at Bandera Partners in New York.


Sid enjoys giving back and mentoring young talent. He regularly shares investing insights with student bodies at leading institutions like Princeton, Harvard, Columbia Business School, NYU Stern, Brown, Berkeley and London Business School. He has shared his insights at leading companies or conferences, including Goldman alumni network, Intel, GIC, Manual of Ideas, Value Spain, Alpha Ideas India and Value Investing Summit.


SC Asia Strategy:

SCA aims to offer select accredited investors with a minimum investment horizon of 5-10 years institutional managed accounts and a Fund on the Gordian Capital fund platform."