Food as Medicine: Can the right kinds of food prevent diseases?[hosted by Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurship]


Thursday, October 28, 2021, 8:00pm to 10:00pm



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The time listed is ET. The event is from 5:00-6:00PM PST.

"Food as medicine is no longer a fringe idea. From adding micronutrients to soil i to combat malnutrition. in the developing world to cutting edge research exploring the role diet may play in preventing, arresting, and even reversing some of our most feared causes of death and disability.

Join HAE Southern Californian for a look at some of the leading trends in the food as medicine field.and how entrepreneurs and investors are leading the way in sustainable nutrition, proactive health and Immunity protocols.

Food as Medicine: Can the Right Kinds of Food Prevent Diseases? is part of the FoodTech & Digital Health series.

This event is free."