Geothermal Energy: Andy Wood [HUCEG Event]


Wednesday, March 31, 2021, 12:00pm to 1:00pm



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"Hear from Andy Wood, Subsurface Manager at CeraPhi Energy, about how Oil and Gas capital and resources can be used for the clean energy transition and to accelerate progress in geothermal energy.

CeraPhi Energy is a UK company harnessing the "heat beneath our feet". CeraPhi Energy's goal is to deliver geothermal projects almost anywhere and to provide low cost baseload constant and uninterrupted renewable energy for heating, power, electric charging, lithium production, water desalination, agriculture, and a lot more.


Andy Wood is a manger of Subsurface, geological operations, and director with extensive international upstream oil & gas experience, having worked in 25 countries, with extended time in the UK and Norwegian North Sea, East Africa, and Azerbaijan. He is newly recruited to the Geothermal Industry where he is applying his O&G experience within the CeraPhi Energy Team to help accelerate the clean energy transition."