Getting your Paper Published & Getting Jobs in the Publishing Industry [FAS Office of Postdoctoral Affairs Event]


Wednesday, June 16, 2021, 3:30pm to 5:00pm



"This presentation by Debora Walker and Alanna Gannon, former FAS postdocs working for the prestigious publishing company Wiley, will cover two broad topics:

1. Scientific Publishing. Publishing one’s research is an integral part of the scientific process and its success, yet postdocs often don't know how scholarly journals operate and how one can maximize one’s chances of success in the publication process. To shine light on this black box of scientific publishing, we'll discuss what happens after a paper is submitted, the role of the editor, and how does the peer-review process work. We'll also provide some general writing and submission tips to help you to publish your research.

2. Career opportunities for researchers in the publishing industry. We will focus on different roles inside the editorial offices of academic journals and the skills and interests that are prerequisites for successful editorial careers in scholarly publishing.

Please note that, while Debora and Alanna, are both natural and physical scientists, their remarks will be helpful to those outside of the sciences.

Debora Walker, Ph.D., is an Editor for Advanced Functional Materials, Small, and the Journal of Polymer Science at Wiley
Alanna Gannon, Ph.D., is an Editor at Advanced Science and Global Challenges, handling the peer-review of manuscripts in biology and biotechnologies at Wiley.

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