PDT: From Academia to Industry Life of a PDT Quantitative Researcher


Tuesday, October 20, 2020, 6:00pm to 7:00pm



"Curious what it means to be a Quantitative Researcher at PDT Partners? Join our moderated discussion with PDT researchers to learn about their journey to quantitative finance from academia. They will discuss their career path, the interesting work that challenges them and their decision to come to the quantitative finance industry. Learn how a team of scientists, mathematicians and engineers with PhDs in Physics, Computer Science, Statistics and Cosmology develop trading strategies using uniquely scientifically rigorous approaches in an open and collaborative culture.

We will discuss how PDT and quantitative research compares to other industries, our academic research culture and how researchers use the skills from their graduate program to tackle interesting and challenging problems. This will be an interactive discussion and you will hear directly from PDTers!

Here are the PDT researchers on our panel:

Ben completed his PhD in Applied Mathematics from UC Berkeley. Prior to joining the PDT research team, Ben worked with Professor James Sethian in the Mathematics Group at Lawrence Berkeley National. Ben received his Bachelors in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd.

Lucas has his PhD in Physics from Harvard. Lucas’ research was focused on developing quantum information techniques using singlet-triplet electron spin qubits in silicon germanium. Lucas is one of our recent joiners from academia and is starting his rotation process with us."


Target Student Audience: Doctoral Students. Please RSVP in Crimson Careers to attend.


Website: https://www.pdtpartners.com/


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