Quadrant Strategies Networking & Information Session


Monday, September 13, 2021, 4:00pm to 5:00pm



"Quadrant Strategies is a DC-based research consulting firm that works with Fortune 500 and public sector entities facing significant and time-sensitive challenges to their reputation or brand. The bulk of our client work revolves around communications, business, and marketing strategies for the client's most significant challenges, both in the heat of a crisis and when the company is addressing other strategic business hurdles. Quadrant uses custom market research to assess a situation and provide strategic insights. The partners at Quadrant Strategies have advised more than 25 of the Fortune 50 on some of the highest profile corporate and public affairs issues of the last two decades. The firm generally engages with clients' top leadership, and much of the work is strictly confidential, even within clients' own organizations. Attend our event to learn more about Quadrant Strategies: from our work across industries conducting tailored in-house market research and delivering strategic recommendations to help our clients, to our vibrant collegiate culture and fantastic teams. We look forward to meeting you!"

Promoted Opportunities: Internships, Full-Time Positions

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Website: http://www.quadrantstrategies.com

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