ReD Associates Coffee Chats


Friday, September 21, 2018, 11:00am to 2:00pm


Peet's Coffee & Tea, 100 Mt Auburn Street, Cambridge 02138

"ReD Associates is looking for curious consultants to join our Copenhagen and New York offices. At ReD Associates, we are experts at delivering insights into human behavior, and turning those insights into actionable strategies for companies. Our international staff of anthropologists, philosophers, political scientists, economists and designers employs methods from the social sciences and the humanities when studying human behavior. While we can analyze a financial statement, map a company's competitive position, or explain how a supply chain is changing in the digital economy, we are sought after by our clients because of our world-class ability to turn a deep understanding of people into corporate strategies.

We are accepting applications for positions in Copenhagen and New York for Spring 2019 until October 1st. We seek exceptional graduates from all disciplines and backgrounds. We both look for people with a demonstrated strength in the social sciences or humanities, and for people from STEAM fields with a keen interest in applying their technical skills in a multidisciplinary environment.

Come and meet consultants from ReD at Peet's, join them for a cup of coffee, ask them your toughest questions, bring out your resumes for a quick review, and get to learn more about what a career at ReD looks like."

Seniors, Master's Students, and Doctoral Students: RSVP via Crimson Careers


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