REX - Real Estate Exchange Coffee Chats / Office Hours


Thursday, September 3, 2020, 1:00pm to 3:00pm



Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, First-Years, GSAS Master's Students, GSAS Doctoral Students, Extension School Bachelor's, and Extension School Master's: See Crimson Careers for more information including how to register.

"REX is bringing home transaction fees way down - enabling consumers to use that money as they see fit - and using technology to make the buying and selling of homes convenient and transparent instead of stressful and complex. The mission at REX is to bring residential real estate into line with today’s expectations by using AI and big data to push past the outmoded practices of traditional real estate brokers to provide a superior outcome for both buyers and sellers at one-third the cost. So how does REX do it? We use data modeling and machine learning to match sellers and buyers of homes as accurately and speedily as possible on Zillow, Google, Facebook and more. And by doing that, we can reduce costs for all involved - REX charges a fixed 2% covering both sides of the transaction instead of the 5-6% charged by traditional brokers. Unlike traditional brokers, REX licensed agents are salaried and incentivized to satisfy customers rather than to just close transactions in pursuit of a fast commission. Our team partners with sellers and buyers from listing to close, and shares with them the information they need via an easy-to-use web dashboard. REX is uniquely designed to simplify all of the moving parts, helping consumers with escrow, titling, service connections, mortgage and insurance shopping and keeps securely in the hands of the buyers and sellers all of the data related to the home and legal and financial information related to the transactions. Interested in joining one of the fastest-growing startups with the biggest business and social mission? Stop by!"

Please RSVP in Crimson Careers to attend.

Coffee chats are a great opportunity to get a cover letter/resume review, learn how to navigate the application process, and practice your interviewing skills. Please bring your resume.



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