Scientist Mentoring & Diversity Program Information Session


Friday, November 19, 2021, 2:00pm to 3:00pm



Students: Register Here

"The International Center for Professional Development will be hosting an information session on November 19th at 11 am PST on the 2022 Scientist Mentoring & Diversity Programs for Biotechnology (SMDP Biotech) and Medical Technology (SMDP MedTech). During SMDP, Scholars will be paired with industry mentors to learn about career opportunities in industry and receive career development coaching.  For SDMP Biotech, mentors work in biotech and consumer health programs. For SDMP MedTech, mentors work at medical technology companies. As part of the program, Scholars and their mentors create personalized mentoring plans, which they implement over the course of the year following the training session.  The mentor-mentee teams communicate regularly by telephone and email, aided by ICPD staff and the internet-based SMDP Mentoring Portal.

Apply here by April 1, 2022 (dealdine for both programs). Applicants must be from racial and ethnic groups underrepresented in industry and able to work in the US.  To qualify, applicants must be interested in a career in biotechnology, medical technology or consumer healthcare industries and seek to receive career mentoring and training from industry leaders.   

We are now accepting applications.  Special consideration is given to how many weeks prior to the April 1, 2022, deadline students apply.  Successful student applicants will receive fellowships to attend one of the programs and virtually all expenses for the one-year SMDP are covered."


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