Sirona Health Solutions (Sweden) Briefing (HKS Event)


Friday, April 9, 2021, 8:00am to 8:45am



Sirona Health Solutions (Sweden) Briefing
Friday, April 9

"Sirona Health Solutions is a Scandinavian leader in healthcare analytics and advisory. Our clients encompass the leading government agencies, regional health authorities and private players. Founded by HKS graduate Marit Vaagen (MPP-95), a former partner of McKinsey&Company, we are committed to accelerating health globally based on our Scandinavian roots and thus looking to attract top talent to our firm, based in Stockholm. For more information;

They are hiring for full-time, part-time or temp/contract roles, and are looking at August 2021 start dates. They are currently working remotely but anticipate being back on site starting in August. They have roles available at various levels. EU citizenship is preferred but US citizens and other nationalities are usually granted an expert status working permit."

For details, including RSVP and the virtual event link information, see event listing in Crimson Careers