Start-Up PhD: Utilizing academic training to launch or grow a new venture [Versatile PhD event]


Friday, October 8, 2021, 3:00pm to 4:00pm



“From Google to Moderna, PhD and advanced degree holders have been at the forefront of innovative start-ups that are shaping our future.  How can PhD students begin to think about utilizing their academic training in the start-up world?  What are their competitive advantages?  Dr. Deep Sran has founded a well-known learning technology company and a leading private school, after working in corporate law and receiving his doctorate in Human Development.  Find out how his experience in building new ventures and making an impact can be relevant to your own career potential.

Dr. Sran is an entrepreneur and SVP of Learning at Achieve3000. He also founded Loudoun School for Advanced Studies (LSAS) in 2008 in Ashburn, Virginia, with an aim to increase the level of academic challenge while simultaneously improving how meaningful and enjoyable school is for students. Dr. Sran completed his Ph.D. in Human Development with research on decision making. He is also an attorney, with a focus on corporate law.”

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