US Navy Office Hours


Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 11:00am to 2:00pm


OCS Office of Career Services, 54 Dunster St, Cambridge, MA 02138

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Come chat with US Navy Officers.

Coffee chats are a great opportunity to get a cover letter/resume review, learn how to navigate the application process, and practice your interviewing skills. Please bring your resume.

"Naval Intelligence Officers, Pilots, and SEALs Wanted

Serve at the forefront of national security by analyzing top-secret information and interpreting spy reports. Direct the analysis of top-secret satellite imagery. Be the first to ascertain the implications of the latest intelligence. Use keen analytical abilities to perceive patterns in Internet chatter. Intelligence Officers serve as a key part of the Information Dominance Corps.

As an Intelligence Officer, you will take on a wide variety of assignments, each one essential in its related mission or objective. This role may include:
-Leading the planning, development, testing and deployment of information systems crucial to the intelligence process
-Monitoring and analyzing maritime activities that pose a threat to national security, such as drug smuggling, illegal immigration, arms transfers, environmental mishaps and violations of UN sanctions
-Delivering near-real-time operational intelligence assessment to high-level decision makers
-Planning intelligence operations and managing intelligence programs
-Enabling the collection of human intelligence
-Leading teams of Enlisted experts who identify enemy targets for US or coalition forces
-Overseeing the work of Intelligence Specialists
-Enlisted Sailors (no degree required) who help convert information into intelligence

-Search for underwater threats. Deliver payloads of incredible firepower or necessary manpower. Execute strategic aerial maneuvers anywhere from the stratosphere to just hundreds of feet above the sea. This is just a glimpse of your career as a Naval Aviator.
You also may find yourself:
-Flying some of the most innovative and high-tech aircraft in the world
-Providing vital attack, defense and logistic support to the Fleet
-Controlling and maintaining all internal and external aircraft systems

The Navy's Sea, Air and Land Forces - commonly known as SEALs - are expertly trained to deliver highly specialized, intensely challenging warfare capabilities that are beyond the means of standard military forces. This includes direct action warfare. Special reconnaissance. Counterterrorism. Foreign internal defense. When there's nowhere else to turn, Navy SEALs are in their element. Achieving the impossible by way of critical thinking, sheer willpower and absolute dedication to their training, their missions and their fellow Special Operations team members."


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