Vatic Investments Fire Side Chat


Monday, September 20, 2021, 6:30pm to 7:30pm



"Come meet the legendary team and learn what makes Vatic Investments stand out in the world of Quantitative Trading! At Vatic Investments, Quantitative Researchers and Technologists collaborate to develop autonomous trading agents and cutting-edge technology and apply it to the financial markets. The nature of the problems we work on are challenging, hence we hire some of the world's top computer scientists and researchers to develop novel ML and AI methods and trading strategies. Our environment is highly collaborative, fostering innovation and growth. Our team includes several leading academic researchers (MIT, CMU, CalTech, and Stanford), as well as International Olympiad and ACM ICPC gold medalists. We are passionate about hiring the best and the brightest, empowering them with the tools and mentorship needed to be successful. Our environment is highly collaborative, fostering innovation and growth and the ability for new graduates to have impact."

Promoted Opportunities: Internships, Full-Time Positions

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