Information Sessions & Other Recruiting Events

Employers may host events and presentations about their organization at local venues in Harvard Square. While these meetings can be valuable for both students and employers, we caution that it can be difficult to build an audience at various times of year. We cannot guarantee student attendance, and it is possible very few students will attend your information session/recruiting event. Especially for organizations that are new to campus, we recommend attending one of our career fairs and hosting coffee chats rather than scheduling an individual event.

Should you decide to host an individual event, please see our networking & information session guidelines below and note that employer presentations/recruiting events are not permitted in classroom space.

Scheduling an Information Session/Recruiting Event

All recruiting events must be requested via the registration form and confirmed by the Employer Relations team to ensure a non-competing presentation date and time. To minimize conflict and maximize student attendance, evening recruiting events can only be held at 5:00pm, 6:30pm, or 8:00pm. When your requested date & time has been approved, you will receive a confirmation email from the Employer Relations Team. Confirmation is required prior to our office promoting your event details.

Fees: There is a flat $500 promotional fee for recruiting events. Payment information is submitted as part of the event registration form. There is no promotional fee for nonprofit or government organizations.

Spring 2020 Recruiting Event Registration Form

Recommended Venues

  • The Harvard Faculty Club – 617.384.9721, Christine Haverty
  • Charles Hotel – 617.661.5024, Jennifer Halpin
  • Sheraton Commander – 617.234.1362, Judy Brillhart
  • Office of Career Services – Request  via the Event Registration Form (limited availability)

Recommended Catering

*OCS space may be requested for a $500 fee but is subject to availability and may include space at 54 Dunster Street or at the Harvard SOCH (59 Shepard Street). Please note OCS space is very limited in September.

Information Session & Recruiting Event Guidelines

  • Dress Code: In following with our colleagues at Harvard Business School, we are encouraging students to attend all campus recruiting events in “smart” casual or business casual attire. We are asking students to refrain from business formal attire (suits) and follow our more casual dress guidelines, which include khakis, dress pants, skirts, button-down long sleeve shirts, sweater sets, blouses, etc.

  • Presentation Format: We suggest that your actual presentation be no longer than 30 minutes - allowing the remaining time for questions and informal networking with the students.

    • Remember to advise how students should prepare for the application and interview process with your organization.

    • How would you describe your organization's culture? What kind of person is a good fit?

    • How can students learn more about your job and internship opportunities? Your web site, company literature, or other sources? Are there Harvard alumni or others on staff who would be willing to talk with interested students about opportunities?

  • Agreement to Policies: All employers participating in information sessions & other recruiting events must agree to all fees and policies. As a part of these policies, please note no alcohol should be served at employer events, as there may be students in attendance under the legal age for drinking, which is 21 in Massachusetts.