OCS Deadline Promotion and Interview Scheduling

Deadline Promotion and Interview Scheduling through OCS provides a structured process to connect students and employers.

Employers benefit from the high visibility of positions, application collection, interview management services, and support from dedicated staff to field student questions and educate students on the recruiting process. Our office advertises job and/or internship opportunities to students through our website, Crimson Careers platform, and email lists. Participating employers are featured in office programming and highlighted to the OCS student advising team.

How Deadline Promotion and Interview Scheduling Works

1. Request an Interview Date or Promoted Application Deadline. Employers should submit a Schedule Request following our Signup Procedures.

  • Preselect to Alternate (promoted application deadline and interview scheduling): This type of schedule is associated with an interview date and schedule coordinated through OCS. Students selected as “invited” or “alternate” will be able to select interview slots directly through Crimson Careers.
  • Resume Collect (promoted application deadline only): This type of schedule enables employers to benefit from OCS application deadline promotional services while allowing them the flexibility to follow up with applicants on their own to set up interviews.

2. Employer Schedule Gets Approved by Our Team. The Employer Relations Team will review your request and schedule a call to confirm your requested details. Once we confirm details, you will be instructed to add position(s) to the schedule.

3. Students Apply via Crimson Careers. Students are notified about an employer’s application deadline and submit their application materials through Crimson Careers, and, if requested, the employer website. Many employers choose to promote their positions prior to their student application deadline by additionally participating in a career fair or hosting another type of recruiting event such as coffee chats/office hours.

4. Review Applicant Pool. Once the application deadline has passed, employers review their candidate pool in Crimson Careers. (Resume Collect steps end here.)

Interview Scheduling Next Steps

5. Submit Your Preselections. On the Preselect Deadline, employers hosting interviews should indicate which applicants they would like to invite to interview (both preselects and alternates) in Crimson Careers.

6. Students Sign Up for Interview Slots. The morning after the preselect deadline, students can begin selecting time slots on your designated interview date.

7. Interview Day. Interviewers log into their virtual meeting room at the start of their interview day. Resume packets can be acquired through Crimson Careers. Students will join the meeting link at their scheduled interview time.

Spring 2022:To request a promoted application deadline or interview schedule, submit a Schedule Request following our Signup Procedures. Please note that interviews scheduled in Crimson Careers will take place virtually for spring 2022.