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OCI Stoplight for Step-by-Step Procedures

2020–2021 Schedule Request Procedure

Step by Step

Step 1

Complete Hiring Survey/Registration.

Returning Employers - Complete the Harvard Hiring Survey Spreadsheet (xlsx).

New Employers - Register for Crimson Careers (if you have not already registered). Proceed to Step 2 when your account is approved.

Step 2

Request a Recruiting Program Schedule via Crimson Careers.

Log in to Crimson Careers.

Navigate to the "Recruiting Program" tab, and click "Schedules." You will then see the option to "Request an OCS Recruiting Schedule." You can also submit a schedule request from the home page of your account by clicking the "Create New OCS Recruiting Program Schedule Request" link.

Fill in each of the required fields, noting the following:

  • Interview Session:
    • 2020-2021 Fall Interviews (full-time & internship)
    • 2020-2021 Spring Interviews (full-time & internship)
    • *If you would like to schedule interviews for multiple interview periods/dates, you will need to submit separate OCS Recruiting Program Schedule Requests.*
  • Recruiting Program Schedule Type:
    • Preselect to Alternate: This type of schedule is associated with an interview date. Interview dates are all virtual in fall 2020. This type of schedule also allows employers to utilize the student scheduling feature (optional for fall 2020). Employers may select students as “invited” or “alternate,” and invited students will be able to schedule directly through Crimson Careers. Alternates may select any remaining interview time slots three days prior to the interview date.
    • Resume Collect: This type of schedule enables employers to still benefit from the promotional services of the OCS Recruiting Program while allowing employers the flexibility to follow up with students that apply on their own time to interview candidates. An interview date will not be displayed to students if you choose this schedule type. 
  • Interview Schedule Duration:
    Please select "standard interview day" which runs from 9:00am-5:00pm. This may be adjusted later; email to adjust this timing. 
  • Are these split, back to back interviews?
    • Please check yes if you plan to have students swap interviewers halfway through their interview.
  • Notes:
    Indicate any additional unique instructions about your interview schedule.
  • Payment Information:
    Credit card information will be required at this point (MC/Visa/AmEx). Cards will be charged for the 2020-2021 academic year starting in April 2020 and concluding in April 2021.

Please *DO NOT* post a job or internship at this time.

Once we process your Recruiting Program Schedule Request, you will be prompted via email to attach your position(s) to the schedule. 
Step 3

Reservation Conversations

The OCS Recruiting Office will contact employers to complete reservations for fall and/or spring. Requests for 2020-2021 campus interviews will be processed beginning in April.

Step 4

When prompted: Enter Job/Internship Descriptions. 

Once we process your Recruiting Program Schedule Request, you will be prompted via email to attach your position(s) to the schedule. 
Gold Star

Thank you. 

We thank you in advance for your participation in the OCS Recruiting Program. We look forward to connecting with you to confirm your reservations.