Working with Student Organizations

There are nearly 400 Harvard undergraduate student organizations as well as numerous graduate student organizations covering a wide area of interests, specialties, and events. These organizations are a great way for students to explore leadership opportunities and challenges. The Office of Career Services (OCS) works with many of the student organizations that have a pre-career focus or that organize any career-related events. 

What Student Organizations Look For

Student organizations may reach out directly to employers in order to connect with alumni, invite expert speakers, and/or solicit sponsorship for events. OCS will offer student organizations coaching and counsel regarding how to approach and work with employer partners.

What Employers Look For

Some of our employers seek to work directly with student groups as a way to reach a targeted audience based on career interests, diversity initiatives, international/geographic preferences, and/or other criteria. 

How OCS Can Help

OCS can help advise an employer about which student organizations are active and help distinguish those that have a history of success and partnership around career exploration or career-related events with employer partners.